Nuclear Bomb Fear

During the war, many countries had made effort so that they would not be conquered but they would stand victorious. But as it is the wish of every country, it could not be granted. How can you win the war? If you will be able to make a great loss for them so they have no choice but to surrender then you will do it quickly. The historical occurrence of the bombing in Japan cities has made the nuclear weapon be known and also be feared.

There are efforts that are being done by countries so they could not suffer much when there will be a nuclear war in the future. There are many countries who had made already their own and so it is not surprising if all had their own. But not all can afford it because it is not easy and it has high costs. There power and impact are great that they are devastating. That is why many fear them. The organization of countries then are imposing regulations for the nuclear bomb.

Countries who fear for war destroy the nuclear bomb facilities of their enemy. Sanctions are also imposed on countries that are being found to making nuclear bombs. Each country now wants to have also their own so that they can have a defense. As the world has already witnessed how great and devastating its effect. But if the world will have a war and all countries use their nuclear bomb, what would be the future of the earth.